September 24, 2015 | « back

TIME.COM — Here’s What Happens When You Add ‘In His Pants’ to James Taylor Songs

Jimmy Kimmel is a huge James Taylor fan. In fact, Taylor is his favorite singer (well, right next to his trusty friend Guillermo) so for years Kimmel has been wracking his brain to come up with a way that they can work together. Last night, he finally unveiled their collaborative project—an album of Taylor’s Greatest Hits with a Kimmelian twist. That twist? An album of all of James Taylor’s hit songs followed by “the phrase you love”— in my pants. It’s truly James Taylor like you’ve never heard him before.

Think “Fire & Rain” in James Taylor’s pants. Think “Sweet Baby James In My Pants”. Think every single one of Taylor’s most beloved songs besmirched (or improved!) by Kimmel’s twist. As Kimmel says, “You won’t believe how much music James Taylor has in his pants.” You really won’t.