James visits Jay Leno’s Garage

Apr 17, 2018

The season premiere of Jay Leno’s Garage airs tomorrow, April 19 at 10pm EDT/PDT on CNBC. Be sure to tune in to see James reunited with one of the 1953 Chevy Gassers from his 1971 cult classic film Two Lane Blacktop! You can watch a sneak peak below!

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“Shower The People” fan videos

Apr 12, 2018

In Spring 2017, James invited fans to submit their personal videos singing the chorus to “Shower The People”. Thousands of videos were received and hundreds were projected onto the giant video wall on stage as James and the band as they performed “Shower The People” on the 2017 US tour. The video wall will be used onstage again on tour in 2018.

Click below to see video submitted by uber fan, Etta Mae. To see a selection of other fan videos, visit the Shower The People page at the “Life on the Road” section of

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MLK 50

Apr 4, 2018

Of the people with whom I have shared my time on this planet, I believe King is the most heroic, the most like Christ or the Buddha. Churchill, FDR, Kennedy, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, for me, King eclipses them all. Not that anyone’s asking or there’s a competition or anything but 50 years ago the brightest light in a generation was snuffed out. The great cause of love and compassion, of peace and reconciliation that he led has had many heroic martyrs. Clearly he knew he was at risk and still he carried on.

He was human and he had human weaknesses and misgivings but when he was called upon, he stood up and shouldered the load. A truly great man, he was equal to the great challenge of our time, the deeply rooted racial injustice that plagues our nation and threatens the noble American experiment. He showed us the way.

…Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King
And recognize that there are ties between us,
All men and women, living on the earth
Ties of hope and love, of sister and brotherhood
That we are bound together
in our desire to see the world become
A place in which our children can grow free and strong
We are bound together by the task that stands before us
and the road that lies ahead
We are bound and we are bound…

James Taylor

Photo: Dedication of Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial, Washington, DC, October 16, 2011 by Gediyon Kifle

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Tour Band 2018!

Mar 7, 2018

Click each name below, or visit the Meet The Band page to learn more about each of James’s 2018 touring band members.

Luis Conte – Percussion (US only)
Walt Fowler – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Keyboards
Steve Gadd – Drums
Kevin Hays – Keyboards
Jimmy Johnson – Bass
Michael Landau – Guitar
Lou Marini – Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Kate Markowitz – Vocals
Arnold McCuller – Vocals
Michito Sanchez – Percussion (Europe only)
Andrea Zonn – Vocals, Violin

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Cardiff, UK – July 17, 2018!

Mar 2, 2018

James is happy to announce an added UK concert date with Bonnie Raitt. On July 17, James, Bonnie and their bands will perform at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, UK! On Monday, March 5, at 10am GMT, will host an exclusive ticket presale for James’s fans.

To participate in any ticket presale, please make sure you are signed in to your account. If you do not already have an account, please click here to create one now — it’s free!

Please visit the Schedule page for the complete details on these newly added concerts as well as all of James’s upcoming dates.

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