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The Berkshire Eagle: Taylor, family, friends connect with space station commander

James Taylor Space Chat

James, along with his family and a group of friends, connected with commander Dan Burbank as he was 220 miles above Earth, to see an amazing view of our planet and to play a duet!


That describes the reaction of James Taylor, his wife Kim and their twin sons, Rufus and Henry, as well as 20 friends, relatives and associates gathered on Sunday for a close encounter of the most unusual kind with outer space.

Through an iPad and satellite hookup from the high-tech recording studio at Taylor’s hilltop home base overlooking Lenox, to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and then 220 miles above the Earth to flight commander Dan Burbank aboard the International Space Station, the conversation about space exploration and music flowed freely, thanks to a near-flawless technical setup.

A high-def, two-way video screen and camera displayed stunning images of the space station — the size of a football field — and its rotating view of planet Earth for the Taylor gathering, while Burbank had a chance to play a duet with his favorite singer.

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