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TALENTRECAP.COM — Ranking the Best Mega Mentors in the History of ‘The Voice’

By Corey Cesare

From Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran, we’ve seen a ton of different mega mentors since The Voice began in 2011. Every year, the show is able to bring in bigger and better names as the mega mentor, so let’s reminisce on who has been our favorites now that Sheeran joined The Voice family.

7. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
In Season 11, The Voice was able to get Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as their mega mentors. Many people were excited for this duo, but their inclusion had me a bit worried. They are well known country artists, so I was worried they wouldn’t be able to connect with every singer.

McGraw and Hill surprised me with how well they did on this show. They broke down each song and were able to teach singers how to really connect with an audience, which is extremely important in a competition like this.

6. Kelly Clarkson
Before Clarkson was a coach on The Voice, she was originally season 13’s mega mentor. I think it goes without saying that she was great on the show considering she’s a coach now. She brought charm and humor to the show mostly. But she also gave great insight from someone who has won a talent show in the past.

5. Usher
This original The Voice coach came back and mentored each contestant in season 19. Just like in the seasons he coached, he provided positivity and always knew what his mentees needed to hear. He was famous at a young age, so he was really able to connect with singers of all ages on the show.

4. Mariah Carey
Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson were arguably more excited than some of the singers for season 15’s mega mentor. As soon as Carey was announced as the mega mentor, everyone fan-girled over her. Carey was able to share her experiences from her lengthy career with the singers which was great at the time. Clarkson and Hudson thought she was the best mega mentor to date, which I agreed with during the season, but there have been even larger names since.

3. Snoop Dogg
This mega mentor was probably the biggest surprise the series had even seen. Snoop Dogg was definitely the dark horse out of all of these mentors. Many people expected him not to relate to each singer, since he’s a rapper, but he surprisingly did.

He was able to really show off all he knew about music and let me just say, I was impressed. His knowledge on The Voice felt like he was a mix of Usher and John Legend. I thought he gave each singer great advice and really was one of the best parts of season 20.

2. Taylor Swift
This superstar was the mega mentor in both seasons 7 and 17 of The Voice. She’s known for beginning her career at 14 and skyrocketing into fame from there so she was the perfect mega mentor for the season. From her two seasons I felt like I always saw great improvements with the singers. I think her charm mixed with her music experience is what made her a great mentor.

1. James Taylor
This five time Grammy winner mentored the singers on The Voice in season 18. This is the biggest name The Voice has ever gotten as the mega mentor and he did amazing on the show. Throughout his time on the show we practically saw every coach and singer bowing down to him. James Taylor is a music legend so he immediately takes the cake as the best mega mentor in the history of The Voice. He was able to teach both the singers and coaches about music based off of his lengthy, iconic career.