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Over The Rainbow: The American Standard EP — (3 songs!)

Over The Rainbow
Just in time for Thanksgiving, James has shared a surprise new 3-song digital release!

I’m so glad these three songs are getting a general release. We cut more songs than would fit on the album, ‘American Standard’, which made the promotional department happy. They find uses for the extra tracks, usually as “exclusive” material for the big box retailers. But I’ve regretted not giving these three pieces the exposure I think they deserve. My solo guitar version of “Over the Rainbow” has two points worth mentioning: first it keeps Yip Harburg’s original introductory verse, which is rare, though the song is forever popular. And second: its arrangement has more variations than any other “Rainbow” I’ve heard – it’s one chordy chart.

“I’ve Grown Accustomed to her Face” is from one of my parents’ favorite records, the cast recording of Lerner and Loewe’s ‘My Fair Lady’. “… damn, damn, damn, damn, damn… I’ve grown accustomed to her face…” Henry Higgins reluctantly realizes that he loves Liza Doolittle. Stuart Duncan plays a lovely tuned-down violin.

Another favorite from that family record collection was yet another cast album from another Broadway musical: ‘Peter Pan’, starring Mary Martin. My little brother, Livingston beat me to it years ago but here, also, is my version of the dreamy idyl, “Never Never Land”. Thank you for listening…

Over The Rainbow: The American Standard EP is available to stream or purchase now.