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OPENMEDIA.COM – James Taylor Teaches You to Play “Carolina in My Mind,” “Fire and Rain” & Other Classics on the Guitar

Some days you’d think that Salman Khan was the only person who had the bright idea of putting tutorials on YouTube. But, if you’re an amateur guitarist, you know better. You know that guitarists have been posting free lessons on YouTube since Day 1, teaching newbies how to buy an acoustic guitar, tune it by ear, strum it, and play chord progressions. And, what’s more, you can find clips that will readily teach you how to play your favorite tunes, whether it’s Bob Dylan’s Love Minus Zero/No Limit or Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

Think you just hit pay dirt? Well, it gets even better.

You can take lessons straight from James Taylor, the singer-songwriter himself. On his YouTube channel/web site, Taylor demonstrates how to file your nails, tune your guitar, and then start playing his classic songs. Fire and Rain? JT has that covered. Carolina in My Mind? That too. And also Enough To Be On Your Way, Second Wheel, Little Wheel, and Country Road. Stick around for a while and you might get “Something in the Way She Moves” next.