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James announces his next JT covers challenge! The next featured album is his 1968 debut album, James Taylor.

You’ll find the James Taylor track list below this video. Please dig deep into these choices and do not be shy about your performance! James doesn’t care how talented you are — this is about community, and he loves to see your effort, enthusiasm and collaborations with friends and family (we all do!).

If you have a #JTJamesTaylorChallenge video to share, please send us the link here!

James TaylorJames Taylor (1968)

1. Don’t Talk Now
2. Something’s Wrong
3. Knocking ‘Round the Zoo
4. Sunshine, Sunshine
5. Taking It In
6. Something in the Way She Moves
7. Carolina in My Mind
8. Brighten My Night with Your Day
9. Night Owl
10. Rainy Day Man
11. Circle ‘Round the Sun
12. The Blues is Just a Bad Dream

Lyrics can be found on the discography page.