February 3, 2020 | « back Presale Tickets Explained

James is happy to provide a limited number of tickets for the US Tour via James’s exclusive fan presales starting tomorrow, February 4. These tickets may sell out quickly, in some cases within 30 minutes, and we apologize in advance for any frustration. The number of tickets available is not in James’s personal control. If you are unable to purchase tickets in presale, you will have a second chance during the public sale.

To help ensure tickets are purchased by fans and not resellers, seat locations are not assigned until several weeks after the presale. This is by design, to protect your ticket purchase. If you see resellers advertising actual venue seat locations in advance of the public ticket sale, THOSE TICKETS ARE BEING SOLD ON SPEC, meaning the resellers do not actually have the tickets in hand — and may not be able to provide the advertised tickets.

To participate in tomorrow’s presales, please make sure you sign in to your account and then visit the Schedule page. If you do not already have a free account, please click here to create one now.

If you have any problems during or after the sale please contact [email protected] for assistance.

photo: Tony Bailey Photography