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Important! Reset your password!

Later this month, James will announce new summer 2023 tour dates with his All-Star Band! We will share details about the presales at that time but if you plan to buy tickets through the presale, keep reading:

James’s team has recently updated the membership system. All members must reset their passwords before signing in again to make a purchase. In anticipation of the presales coming soon, we advise you to update your passwords as soon as possible. If you have any trouble, please contact us at and we’ll sort it out!

Please note: A membership account is free! However, a membership account is different from subscription to James’s mailing list. Therefore you may not have an account that allows you to purchase tickets despite receiving this newsletter. If you attempt to reset your password but don’t receive an email in response, it’s likely you do not have an account registered under that email address. An account is required to access James’s exclusive ticket presales, so be sure to sign up soon!