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HUFFINGTONPOST.COM — John Kerry Decides The Best Way To Apologize To France Is To Have James Taylor Perform

By Paige Lavender

Secretary of State John Kerry was in France Friday to try and mend relations after top U.S. officials were criticized this week for not sending a more high-profile representative to a Sunday unity rally in Paris.

But Kerry didn’t make the trip alone — singer/songwriter James Taylor also attended an event at the Paris city hall, serenading the French people with his hit “You’ve Got A Friend.”

Before his trip, Kerry said he wanted to give a “big hug” to the French people. He gave a speech in French there on Friday and laid wreaths of white lilies and red roses at the sites of the two terrorist attacks — at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical weekly magazine, and another at a kosher supermarket.

While Sunday’s unity rally was attended by the U.S. ambassador to France, the White House admitted Monday it was wrong to not have “sent someone with a higher profile.” More than 40 world leaders were present at the event.