Friday, July 23

VetsAid 2018 — “Carolina In My Mind”

In November 2018 James performed as part of Joe Walsh’s VetsAid 2018 benefit concert, which raised more than $800,000 to help support veterans and their families. Click now to see James and the VetsAid band deliver a lovely version of JT’s “Carolina In My Mind”.

Tuesday, July 20

the time of Ting

Earlier this summer, the Taylor’s much loved pug, Ting, passed away. She was 14.

Springtime of the year is all around us and we say good-bye to our beloved Ting, who has lived at the heart of our family for the past 14 years, a time of great love and growth for us. We surrender her spent body to the front yard to lie next to her pal Ray, remembering the days in springtime past when they wrestled in the dappled sunlight outside the laundry room. Such a true and pure love she brought to our years together: the time of Ting.

~James Taylor
May 2021

Friday, July 16

New from JT’s vault!

Click now to see restored footage of James performing “Something’s Wrong” (from his 1968 debut album, James Taylor) on the BBC program ‘One In Ten – a singer and his songs’.