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BOSTONGLOBE.COM – James Taylor pays tribute to a ‘hero of mine,’ John Prine

Singer James Taylor posted a statement mourning the late John Prine on Wednesday:

“I spent the past two years touring with Bonnie Raitt. She changed her set pretty much every night but, often as not, her half of our concert included John Prine’s beautiful song, ‘Angel From Montgomery.’ I know tonight that Bonnie is mourning the loss of one of our generation’s greatest singer/songwriters. John was taken from us by Covid19. For me, losing him makes this pandemic personal because John Prine was a hero of mine. ‘Christmas in Prison,’ ‘Dear Abby,’ Paradise,’ ‘Hello in There’ . . .

“Prine was one of those artists that really didn’t translate into the Pop Culture, attempts to explain or promote him were clearly painful to him: he wasn’t evasive or mysterious, he was just embarrassed. The genuine article. There goes a good one . . .”