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September 30, 2022

links to a gallery of fan photos Don’t forget — we want to see your photos from James’s European tour!

Submit your best shots here, and check out some new additions to the fan gallery!

Note: If you would like to receive photo credit, please rename your photos to include your name, and we’ll do our best!

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March 4, 2022

What the world desperately needs now is cooperation, global cooperation on a list of pressing issues, from climate change to pandemic response, from humanitarian crises to sharing of the earth’s resources . That one individual, with his own army and his own nuclear arsenal should decide, unilaterally and without provocation, to mount an attack on his neighbor, ignoring another nation’s sovereignty and threatening the peace and progress of the entire world is beyond outrage. That one man’s whim and will should result in such uncalled for chaos and suffering, such a threat to all of our hopes for the future, is something we can simply no longer afford. Did we miss something? Did Ukraine attack or somehow threaten Russia? What possible justification can there be? What other explanation than the obvious: a bully who takes what he wants by force? We must be united in our universal rejection of this travesty. The world must insist that this abomination cannot stand. Civilization itself is at stake. Putin’s war is the categorical and polar opposite of what the world needs now…
~James Taylor

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  • Oct 07 2022SEC Armadillo
    Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Oct 08 2022First Direct Arena
    Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Oct 10 2022Eventim Apollo
    London , United Kingdom

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