July 29, 2022 | « back

Job well done!

As James wraps up his Summer US tour tomorrow night in Las Vegas ending a full year of touring North America, we take a moment to recognize the incredible 2021/22 JT road crew team for an amazing job well done. The crew teams include guitar/drum/piano technicians, riggers, video, covid compliance, stage, creative, production, audio, automation, lighting, merchandise, touring dept., social media etc. These professionals devoted themselves in the midst of difficult pandemic touring conditions to bring you the best show they could every single concert night.

A special thanks to Jackson Browne and his outstanding crew, staff and master musicians for helping to make so much of this past year the success that it was. It was a privilege and an honor for all involved to have Jackson and his team on the road for so much of the year.

The last shout out goes to the best in the biz: James’s incredible All-Star Band who are: Walt Fowler, Steve Gadd, Larry Goldings, Dorian Holley, Jimmy Johnson, Michael Landau, Lou Marini, Kate Markowitz, Arnold McCuller, Michito Sanchez, Henry Taylor and Andrea Zonn.

Photo: Bryan Boysen, Rio Rancho, NM, July 24, 2022