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Calling all moms, dads, kids, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, campers, schoolmates, choristers, athletes, campers, nurses, doctors, lifeguards, first responders, book club members, pets, etc:

James is excited to be hitting the road this summer and wants to take YOU with him! Videotape yourself with a group of 5 or more of your closest pals singing “Shower the People” and upload your video by Tuesday, July 13, 2021. Your group video may appear on the massive LED “wall” that hangs onstage behind James and his All-Star Band!

BE CREATIVE! HAVE FUN! LET JAMES KNOW WHERE YOU ARE FROM! James would love to share his global music community onscreen with these videos so please feel free to hold a flag of the place where you are from, or wear shirts/hats to identify your state, school, country, camp, hospital, place of work, favorite vacation spot, etc!

Click here to see sample videos and to read first the IMPORTANT NOTES about filming! Then watch James’s instructional video below.