Berkshire Busk!

Greetings Buskers!

James Taylor’s office is thrilled to support the 2021 inaugural Berkshire Busk! festival.

Get your JT cover reposted online by James!

James lives in the Berkshires and wants to support buskers! The JT social media team supports an online fan community that posts and reposts James Taylor song covers. Fans from around the world send their JT covers either via email or by tagging James’s Instagram account (@jamestaylor_com). When uploaded to YouTube a video can be emailed as well and might get re-posted by James’s team in his weekly online newsletter. You never know if your video may also be used in an Instagram story as well!

If you happen to include a JT song on your Berkshire Busk! set list and would like to submit that video for consideration to be reposted by James, upload your song video performance to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and email the link to us at: [email protected]

We’d like to share in your busker journey this summer and hope to hear from many of you.

Team JT

Helpful information about video submissions:

l. Dig deep into the JT catalog. JT has written several hundred wonderful songs and recorded them on 19 studio albums. All can be found on the discography page at this website. We look for variety.

2. Not a “musical” busker? No problem. Send us videos of any use of a JT song or lyric in your show (e.g. jugglers, acrobats, poets etc) and you never know…..

3. JT covers can absolutely include versions of songs that James himself has covered by other songwriters (e.g. “You’ve Got a Friend”, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)”, “River” etc).

4. Hashtag we suggest is: #JTBuskerChallenge

5. Please include your social media tags and proper names of performers. Please only share performance videos from your Berkshire Busk! appearance and only from participants of the Festival.

6. JT’s team can never promise that a video will be used or on what platform or when—could be weeks after your performance or into the post-season. If you would like to know if/when your video may be used just follow James Taylor’s social media accounts or sign up to receive the weekly online newsletter