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A glimpse behind the scenes…

To create the high quality vinyl pressing for The Complete Warner Bros. Albums: 1970–1976 release, Bernie Grundman used this Scully lathe — extensively restored, adapted and modernized. This lathe transferred James’s classics from original 1970’s tape into the grooves of a disc and is considered unequalled in its fidelity and precision using state-of-the-art handmade components. Bernie Grundman and Peter Asher together took care to ensure the final pressing will precisely reproduce the albums* James created 50 years ago.

*The six albums included in the July 19 LP and CD boxed set release are: Sweet Baby James (1970), Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon (1971), One Man Dog (1972), Walking Man (1974), Gorilla (1975), and In the Pocket (1976)